Using Federated Authentication in WSO2 IS 5.0.0

In federated authentication, WSO2 IS will not handle the authentication process. Thus it will be handled by an external applications such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Windows Live etc. and send the response back to the Identity server. In this post I will guide you to use Facebook as federated authentication.

Step 01

Go to the URL and login using your Facebook credentials. Add a new app using MyApps -> Add a new App. You will get the following popup window.


Click on the advanced setup to create the new application. Give the relevant information and click on Create App ID.

Then you will get an App ID and an App Secret for your app. Go to Settings tab and “Add a platform” as Web. Provide the site URL as https://localhost:9443/ ,  App Domain as localhost and save the changes.

Go to Advanced tab Client Auth Login and provide the Valid OAuth redirect URIs as https://localhost:9443/commonauth/

Step 02

Download WSO2 Identity Server from and start the server using script located in <CARBON_HOME>/bin folder.
Add an identity provider with following configurations.

Basic information


Federated Authentication

Provide your Client ID and Client secret relevant to the created app.

Claim configuration


Step 03

Add a Service provider using the following configurations.

Inbound authentication configuration > SAML2 Web SSO configuration


Basic information


Claim configuration


Local inbound and Authentication configuration


Step 04

Click on the first link (Click here to login with  SAML from WSO2 IS) and you will be redirected to Facebook login page. Login using Facebook credentials.
You will be now redirected to the travelocity application.

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