How Android works

Introduction to Android

Android is an Open source Operating system, specifically designed for mobile applications which is developed by Google. Android is based on Linux Operating system. Android applications can be developed in a Java environment.

How Android works

Let’s see how Android works from inside.

As previously mentioned, Java is used for implementing applications for Android operating system. As the first step, the code you have written in Java, will be compiled in to class files. Every Android application runs as a separate process and uses its own instance of Dalvik Virtual Machine(DVM). DVM  is similar to Java Virtual Machine(JVM), but it is specially designed for Android.  The DVM compile the class files in to Dalvik compatible .dex (Dalvik Executable) file format. These dex files bound with resource files to make the APK (Android Application Package) file, which is for the distribution and installation of the application on mobile devices.

How Android works

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